Saturday, July 16, 2011

Strong 6.1 degree earthquake hits Alaska Peninsula

An earthquake measuring 6.1 on the day, Saturday, an island off theAlaska Peninsula, about a thousand miles southwest of Anchorage, as announced by the U.S. Center for geological monitoring

Friday, July 15, 2011

An explosion in Israel affects 14 people

An explosion in Israel
Israeli police said, an explosion rocked a building in the city of Netanya, north of Tel Aviv yesterday, Friday, and resulted in a fire and injuring 14 people, is the result of an accident more likely

United States begins withdrawing its troops from Afghanistan

U.S. President Barack Obama

I left the first group of U.S. troops in Afghanistan under the plan U.S. President Barack Obama to cut about one third of his forces there and a 100 thousand troops over the next year 

Frattini: UN envoy will be put conditions on Gaddafi to step down

Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini

Said Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini on Friday, the Contact Group Meeting on Libya will recognize the Interim National CouncilLibyan opposition, based in Benghazi, a representative of theLibyan people, leaving options for leader Muammar Gaddafi, onlyto step down

Earthquake measuring 5.5 on the Richter scale hits Tokyo

According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, that an earthquakemeasuring 5.5 degrees, according to preliminary estimates, he shook the Tokyo area on Friday

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tokyo Electric Power Company begins the process of pumping nitrogen in the nuclear reactor number (3)

Announced that Tokyo Electric Power Company - operator of thestation Vukeshma nuclear disaster - on Thursday, they began the process of pumping nitrogen gas in the nuclear reactor number (3), to reduce the risk of Alanfjarriet hydrogen, in a move that will makefurther progress in the process of containment of the nuclear crisisthat hit Vukihima nuclear plant in March

Lavrov put a plan to allow Iran over nuclear questions

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov

Asked the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said a new plan as "the entrance of a step-by-step" which would provide an opportunity for Iran to take steps to respond to the questions raised by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) over its nuclear program

The outbreak of the volcano in central Indonesia

Disaster management official said today, Thursday, for the outbreak of the volcano in central Indonesia, never smoke and lava to risethousands of feet in the air, prompting the people to flee the regionof which there were no reports yet about casualties

An earthquake measuring magnitude 3.9 hit the English Channel

Earthquake hit the area the English Channel with a magnitude of 3.9 magnitude on the Richter scale Thursday morning

Killed and injured 23 when a bridge collapsed in east China

One person was killed and 22 others wounded Thursday when a bridge collapsed in the province of "Fujian" in eastern China

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Crash test mummies: Egypt's oldest pyramid saved from collapse by giant airbags

Egypt's oldest pyramid has been saved from collapse by giant airbags which have been used to prop up the ceilings.
The 4,700-year-old building has been stabilised so engineers can carry out permanent repairs.
The giant structure was built as a burial place for Pharaoh Djoser, a warrior who reigned in the third dynasty for 19 years but has been damaged in an earthquake
Top support: The Pyramid of Djoser in Memphis, north-west Egypt, was likely to collapse before giant airbags were used to support the ceiling

The British team - who helped repair Windsor Castle after it was damaged by fire in 1993 - used technology first developed to aid in the safer disposal of improvised explosive devices in Afghanistan.
Engineering boss Peter James said: 'The entire structure could be destroyed at any point due to the damage caused by the earthquake.
'But we have stabilised the roof with these inflatable airbags and we will soon start repairing this magnificent building

The historic pyramid was feared to be so unstable that no-one has taken on the challenge of securing it in the last 19 years.
Peter James, a former Royal Navy lieutenant-commander who served in the Falklands War, has won a £1.8million contract to carry out the repairs.
His company Cintec adapted the airbags used by the British army to support the buidling.
The water filled bags work by surrounding an explosive with a bag which cushions the blast. But for the pyramid Mr James adapted his technology by substituting compressed air for water
The British engineering firm that used airbags to support the structure are now going to carry out permanent repairs to the pyramid of Djoser now that these airbags are in place

The specialist structural engineers have previously worked on Buckingham Palace, Iron Bridge Gorge and The White House.
Mr James said:'It was very unstable when we got in there.
'The earthquake in 1992 had shifted everything sideways and it was a massive task trying to hold everything up without dislodging anything further.
'Until we got the scaffolding in place, we had no idea what was holding up the remaining 60m of stone.' 
'It was a lethal and massive game of Ker-Plunk - trying to hold everything up, without dislodging anything further.'
He said: 'We had planned to use our water system but as soon as we got a good look at the chamber it was clear that inflating the bags with water wasn't going to work
Pharoah dynamics: These airbags first used in Afghanistan to help with the disposal of roadside bombs have been used to support the 4,700-year-old pyramid

The rocks in the ceiling were too jagged and there was a risk of deluging the pyramid which has been bone dry since it was built.'
The team will now thread thermo-dynamic steel rods diagonally through the steps of the pyramid to stabilise the roof.
Mr James said: 'The really tricky parts are the visible bits of the pyramid.'
'Underneath the surface we're able to use 21st Century technology to make it as strong as we know how to - but on the outside it needs to be per cent authentic.'
'That's involved finding the strongest blend - by using components which would have been available to the ancient Egyptians

Gold has stabilized in 2012 after gaining significant

t emerged from a Reuters poll of opinions of 65 analysts in early January that the average forecast gold prices in 2011 amounted to $ 1,450 for an ounce, up 18 percent from the average set by the Union market gold bullion in the London price in 2010 at 1225.60 dollars an ounce, and also higher the rise of the largest gold record in 2010 and reached U.S. $ 1430.95.

Exceeded expectations as a similar poll in July pointed to 1228 dollars per ounce.

Said Bajram, an analyst at the Dinsr. G. Mandjment T Capital in Switzerland, "will the same causes that were behind the investment in gold in 2010 to push prices higher in 2011."

"Maybe there will be some decline in the value of the dollar and expectations is also not the U.S. Federal Reserve to raise interest rates."

"The fact that people will continue to retain gold with the increased investment which makes us very optimistic about it."

And historically low interest rates in most parts of the world's major support for gold prices in previous years. Valvaúdh low reduce the cost of acquisition of gold as an investment opportunity.

While it is likely to be relegated to the fiscal deficit and the sovereign debt of Europe and the United States, the high inflation in the fast-growing economies such as China, India and Brazil are expected to increase the attractiveness of gold as a safe haven for the value of the high prices in these areas.

The poll showed analysts expect rising gold prices during the year of $ 1,400 an ounce in the first quarter to U.S. $ 1432 and then in the second quarter 1477 dollars in the third quarter and 1520 dollars in the fourth quarter.

But calm down expectations for the year 2012 with an expected average price of $ 1420 when an ounce.

Said Robin Bhar, analyst at Credit Agricole in London "We expect some weakness in the second half and will continue this pattern in 2012 with the recovery of the global economy to health

Hotel rooms in the UAE will prove convenient to guests from the noise of snoring

Hotels in the UAE

nitiated some of the hotels United Arab Emirates to build a room absorbs the noise of snoring, and deprived of sleep help to relax, sleep and immortality to the carefree, despite the snoring spouses.And is currently a selection of Crowne Plaza hotels in Europe, testing of these rooms, which have been designed as a result of research, emphasized the negative impact of snoring on the left by the other spouse, according to UAE newspaper said the statement. Research has shown conducted for Crowne Plaza hotels in the UAE, to more than 62% of couples UAE and 71% of couples of Western expatriates in the UAE, losing between one-bedroom and three hours every night, because of the snoring of their spouses. The research shows that while baptizing 13% of arrivals Westerners to use ear plugs, to get rid of the votes of snoring spouses, 35% of the UAE does not resort to any means to get rid of this problem, and up to 49% of couples in the UAE, complain of snoring spouses who spoil the fun holiday and to provide comfortable rooms where couples enjoy a comfortable life to sleep. Were provided with rooms Bawazel voice on the walls to absorb the high frequencies, and the dispersal of sound waves, and the reduction of snoring sounds to the minimum possible. The insulators used in these porous materials with surface resembles the surface of a winding cardboard egg dishes, which would absorb the noise circulating in the room. It also includes innovative technologies for the panels vertically to bed buffer the sound, which is specifically designed so that it works to integrate with walls of sound, to prevent the frequency of the echo in the room, in addition to the footnote to bed tilted anti-snoring urges the person to sleep on one side or diagonally is horizontal. Among the techniques used as well, and masters of anti-snoring contain magnets neodymium rare to generate a magnetic field normal, helping to open the airway, and install the back of the throat that vibrate during snoring, and finally the machine, white noise, which proved that it counteracts the effect of sounds of snoring, and help you relax and sleep

Obama campaign hit a record in fundraising

Barack Obama

Collection of U.S. President, Barack Obama, $ 86 million to finance his campaign, between April and June, exceeding the targeted amount for the quarter referred to, easily surpassing Republican rivals.

Said Jim Messina, campaign manager, in a video-oriented pro on Wednesday, the small donations, which led the process of collecting huge money in the second quarter, detect, such as payment of $ 250 or less 98 per cent of the average donations of $ 69.

She said the Obama campaign, said she received donations from more than of 552 thousand people, and said it had received "support from the people at the grassroots level at this moment more than any campaign in political history."

These figures indicate the extent to which the power of Obama, in spite of the pressing concerns among voters about the economy and unemployment in the country, as well as criticism from other Democrats because he adopted a more right-wing orientations during the past few years.

Said Chris Erterton, a professor of political management at Georgetown University, "They broke all records .. I think this is very exciting."

Former President George W. Bush holds the previous record, a $ 78 million, after combined with the expense of the party at the national level, in the fourth quarter in 2003, according to the Institute of campaign financing.

Despite the large number of small donations, said Erterton, the largest share of the total campaign funds came from major donors, the campaign has not classified the value of donations, which equals $ 250 or less.

In 2008 came third of the amount which was collected Obama campaign of $ 337 million from donors, members paid $ 200 or less, but the Institute of campaign finance report that 42 percent, the biggest part of the individual donors to the Obama campaign for the general election came, who paid a thousand dollars or more.

Commenting on the third quarter, Messina said, he expected decline in donations, because people Sancglun summer vacations, and declined to give forecasts on total donations.

He said that about half of the donors did not provide funds for the Obama campaign by

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Iran bars women and girls entering cafes

Iranian women who smoke shisha

Applied to the Iranian authorities, as of yesterday, a plan launched by the "moral security" in society, and the first phase of this plannecessitates the prevention of women and girls from enteringcafes.

Nia said Sagdy commander of Tehran police is to prevent the entryof girls and women in coffee shops under the ethicalimplementation of the security project.

And the relocation of "the era of Iran," said Nia, that the police will start applying moral security project in coordination with the judiciary following the request of the Iranian people, families in particular, complain some girls from entering the cafes, he said, adding that the police will address this dilemma.

In recent times, the greater the number of girls attending cafes for smoking "shisha", especially in the cities and affluent suburb, andauthorities consider that the application of such a law in order to preserve and status of women in society

EU tries to avoid the transmission of the crisis in Greek and Spanish to Italy

Spanish newspaper El Periodico, the EU is trying to find quick solutions to Azmi facing Italy at the moment after the loss of the Italian stock exchange and the entry of the country in crisis can be turned to Greece to Italy another, as they are approaching the crisis of Spanish. 

The newspaper pointed out that the ministers of economy and finance in the euro zone to prevent the spread of infection financial crisis, Greek and Spanish to Italy, in order to maintain financial stability in the region, but so far not taken any concrete measures to achieve the bailout plan the second and a treaty mechanism of the stability of Europe, but not signed put them in a rescue fund to 700 million euros until 2013

Monday, July 11, 2011

Injuring three security agents at the French embassy in Damascus

Demonstrations in Syria

Foreign Ministry announced that three French security agents in the French embassy in Damascus, were wounded in an attack demonstrators loyal to the Syrian regime on the headquarters of the Embassy.

The ministry spokesman Bernard Valero said three elements of the security during the French were forced to launch the attack, three warning shots to stop the infiltration increased in the vicinity of the embassy.

The spokesman for the second time in two days was the French embassy in Damascus, as well as the Embassy of the United States at the same time for attacks and sabotage by organized groups, on the front of the Syrian security forces, which did not speed it seems to stop the violence.

He continued, "before the palaces of the security forces forced the embassy's security elements for the launch of three warning shots to prevent the increasing infiltration to the vicinity of the embassy."

He stressed that "France strongly condemns such acts that are grossly inconsistent with Syria's obligations under international law and remember that no such steps are not legal Damascus authorities can divert attention from the fundamental problem remains that end the suppression of the Syrian people and the application of democratic reforms."

He continued: "We call on the Syrian authorities once again to apply the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations."

Comes demonstrations that targeted the French and American embassies after a visit by U.S. Ambassadors Robert Ford, French, Eric Chevallier Thursday and Friday to the city of Hama (North)

The euro is under pressure again after the emergence of debt problems of the Italian

The euro reached its lowest level in two weeks against the safe-haven currencies in Asian trading today with the threat of an emergency by meeting the decision makers in the European Union and a focus on infection of peripheral concern in Italy, which is the third largest economies of the European Union. Increased revenue bonds granted to the Italian debt to record highs, suggesting investors that the situation in Italy can be attached to Greece soon. 

As received from Tokyo at exactly at 12:39 pm (depending on timing standard Japanese), The euro fell against the U.S. Dollar to $ 1.4201 a decrease by 0.4%, but above the lowest level reached him during the past two weeks at $ 1.4187, which reached him on the platform EBS trading. And the euro has lost 0.2% against the Swiss franc, which traded at 1.1909 Swiss francs, near its lowest level it reached against the Swiss franc last month at 1.1808 Swiss francs on the platform EBS. A strategic view of the Tokyo Forex in that the fear of risk is likely to lead to poor performance of the euro in the near future. 

Despite the dismal U.S. employment report released on Friday, the U.S. dollar gets some support, although it is practically a weakness in the euro rather than the strength in the dollar. U.S. Dollar Index, a gauge which measures the strength of the dollar against a basket of other major currencies, rose to 75.332 DXY of 74.843 DXY, who arrived in New York during the trading session on Friday

The dollar in the second day of the Ascension

The U.S. dollar continued to climb the path opened by the trading week, as it rose during the Asian session today after a profit by trading closed on Monday. And hence the dollar has made him the first consecutive rise since Oct. 27. Although these results do not represent a change so far is the real beginning of a technical change in the general path, but the results are encouraging because they come in a good position for the appetite of investors. Which analysts consider a correction of the minimum levels necessary standard was bound to happen, although the circumstances of the underlying data contrary to this trend. If this is true, any additional positive change in investor appetite, the dollar may return to normal, but if the dollar remains conservative on the rise, "the self" may find support from the stimulus plan approved during the last week to continue to rise

Honor: Cabinet reshuffle next week, and the conservative movement before the end of the month

Dr. Essam Sharaf, President of the Council of Ministers

Issued, Dr. Essam Sharaf, President of the Council of Ministers, several resolutions today, from a Cabinet reshuffle in a week to achieve the goals of the revolution and reflects the true will of the people.

The honor during a statement to the people across the Egyptian television this evening, Monday, at a conservative movement in line with the aspirations of the people before the end of this month.

He also stressed the honor, he commissioned the Minister of the Interior to expedite the announcement of the movement and the Ministry of Interior, including the exclusion of the leaders of the police involved in crimes against the rebels no later than July 15, and also the rapid restoration of security and discipline in the Egyptian street, indicating his full support and confidence in the masses of the honorable leaders and police officers.

He appealed to the honor, the Supreme Council for the Elimination of the application of the principle of openness to all trials of the killers of the former regime and the rebels, that the trials are Closed for the rest of the people and assured the families of martyrs, also appealed to enable the judiciary to exercise in the circumstances of his nature to allow justice to take its course.

His honor for Reforming the press and media institutions as quickly as possible, and decided to take over the presidency of the Welfare Fund Revolution January 25 and their families, to accelerate to meet the needs of families of martyrs and injured people.

Sharaf said, that the period will witness the next few series of decisions that meet all the demands of the people and the goals of the revolution, he said

100 people were injured in an explosion in a passenger train east India

One hundred people were injured in a bomb explosion on a passenger train through the state of Assam in northeastern India, causing four cars out on the rails, just hours after the incident, a train derailed, Uttar Pradesh, leaving 63 people injured and 240 on Sunday.

The Prime Minister of Assam Tarun Gogoi on Monday, the highest security alert in all parts of the state after the blast, which sent the finger to the Maoist rebels who are active in this region.

Tarun Gogoi has condemned these attacks, which he described as "barbaric" to target the lives of innocent people by blowing up trains and other things like that target civilians. The Assam police sources, said 20 people were among those persons injured per cent in the case of very serious, noting that many people are still trapped inside the wrecked vehicles, as rescue teams made extensive efforts by cutting saws electric vehicles.

According to the police that the bomb which was placed on the road in front of a train "Express Jhuajjarbara" near the province, "Nalbari district", about 70 kilometers from the city of Guwahati, it made a loud bang when it exploded as soon as the train passed over the rails, which led to the ouster of four carriages derailed and disable the movement of trains in both directions, indicating that it was lifting wires and other materials used in the implementation of the bombing of the scene as evidence of the investigations conducted into the incident

France calls on Libyan dissidents to hold talks with Gaddafi's government

French Defense Minister Gerard Ongeh

Said French Defense Minister Gerard Ongeh Sunday, the time has come to negotiate with the government of Libyan dissidents Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, referring to the growing impatience with the progress in the conflict.

And confirmed in an interview Ongeh station (B. F. M) Frenchtelevision, that the goal of Paris is the need for Gaddafi gave uppower in the end, explaining that France sent a request from theparties to start negotiations.

He added that the Libyan people is the one who will decide how thistransition of power, stressing that his country strongly Mthompsknathat Gaddafi can not remain in power.

He noted that the United States will continue efforts in the framework of a coalition of NATO to protect civilians from attacks, said she believed that the alliance will help boost the pressure on Gaddafi

Sunday, July 10, 2011

News The world: Blatter: Mexico did well to deal with the issue of...

News The world: Blatter: Mexico did well to deal with the issue of...: "Blatter , president of world football Praised the Swiss Sepp, Blatter, president of the International Federation of Football, the dec..."

China supports exports to Egypt more than $ 20 billion

Revealed businessman Walid Tawfiq, Secretary of the Division of General Motors and President of IDI "" Holding and agent for 6 Chinese companies, for a plan with the Chinese government to invest in Egypt in the coming months, to acquire 70% of the volume of the commercial market in all sectors in Egypt, through support and development of Chinese exports to the face of manufacturing defects, he said, adding that the revolution has increased the appetite of Chinese to work in the market, their exports did not stop one day to Egypt during the revolution, but the investments are now directly and indirectly in Egypt more than $ 20 billion. 

The reconciliation that the supreme political leadership in China would prefer its national economy from any other things, it also has great awareness of the importance of export subsidies, unlike the situation in Egypt before and after the revolution as no different from it a lot and still export subsidies is limited and restricted conditions, stressing that the Chinese companies and the World located in the China views the Middle East and Egypt in particular as the market "Djaana" and the need for a substantial increase in exports in all sectors. 

He disclosed that the Chinese are focusing on the industries supplying the industries major private car industry where he is scheduled to enter the 10 companies new Chinese markets, but that depends on choosing the President of the Republic and the election of members of the People's Assembly and Shura Council, has ensured that these companies Egyptian agents through Ibramanm for decades, which was after the revolution directly to start the actual work within the market next year, and is seeking Chinese companies to acquire 50% of the automotive sector in Egypt as it holds now the ratio between 25% to 30% of this market with its auto parts and assembling vehicles locally and import cars from abroad. 

And trailers on the crisis, Tawfiq said that the lorries are going contrary to all international standards of safety on the roads, which cause the daily deaths in dozens of cases and the continuation of bleeding due to road accidents. 

He described the sector as "Mashi miraculously, and wonder in the streets dress trains," a proposal that involved Egyptian companies in the start of local assembly of trucks, through the establishment of a two-year and the government supported by the amount of money to protect the lives of people in the streets, pointing out that in the event of failure state, this time for assistance, many Chinese partners have offered to help the heavy transport sector to improve his condition and to increase their investments in this sector, rich and important