Monday, July 11, 2011

Injuring three security agents at the French embassy in Damascus

Demonstrations in Syria

Foreign Ministry announced that three French security agents in the French embassy in Damascus, were wounded in an attack demonstrators loyal to the Syrian regime on the headquarters of the Embassy.

The ministry spokesman Bernard Valero said three elements of the security during the French were forced to launch the attack, three warning shots to stop the infiltration increased in the vicinity of the embassy.

The spokesman for the second time in two days was the French embassy in Damascus, as well as the Embassy of the United States at the same time for attacks and sabotage by organized groups, on the front of the Syrian security forces, which did not speed it seems to stop the violence.

He continued, "before the palaces of the security forces forced the embassy's security elements for the launch of three warning shots to prevent the increasing infiltration to the vicinity of the embassy."

He stressed that "France strongly condemns such acts that are grossly inconsistent with Syria's obligations under international law and remember that no such steps are not legal Damascus authorities can divert attention from the fundamental problem remains that end the suppression of the Syrian people and the application of democratic reforms."

He continued: "We call on the Syrian authorities once again to apply the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations."

Comes demonstrations that targeted the French and American embassies after a visit by U.S. Ambassadors Robert Ford, French, Eric Chevallier Thursday and Friday to the city of Hama (North)

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