Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Obama campaign hit a record in fundraising

Barack Obama

Collection of U.S. President, Barack Obama, $ 86 million to finance his campaign, between April and June, exceeding the targeted amount for the quarter referred to, easily surpassing Republican rivals.

Said Jim Messina, campaign manager, in a video-oriented pro on Wednesday, the small donations, which led the process of collecting huge money in the second quarter, detect, such as payment of $ 250 or less 98 per cent of the average donations of $ 69.

She said the Obama campaign, said she received donations from more than of 552 thousand people, and said it had received "support from the people at the grassroots level at this moment more than any campaign in political history."

These figures indicate the extent to which the power of Obama, in spite of the pressing concerns among voters about the economy and unemployment in the country, as well as criticism from other Democrats because he adopted a more right-wing orientations during the past few years.

Said Chris Erterton, a professor of political management at Georgetown University, "They broke all records .. I think this is very exciting."

Former President George W. Bush holds the previous record, a $ 78 million, after combined with the expense of the party at the national level, in the fourth quarter in 2003, according to the Institute of campaign financing.

Despite the large number of small donations, said Erterton, the largest share of the total campaign funds came from major donors, the campaign has not classified the value of donations, which equals $ 250 or less.

In 2008 came third of the amount which was collected Obama campaign of $ 337 million from donors, members paid $ 200 or less, but the Institute of campaign finance report that 42 percent, the biggest part of the individual donors to the Obama campaign for the general election came, who paid a thousand dollars or more.

Commenting on the third quarter, Messina said, he expected decline in donations, because people Sancglun summer vacations, and declined to give forecasts on total donations.

He said that about half of the donors did not provide funds for the Obama campaign by

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