Sunday, July 10, 2011

Germany discussed the accession of South Sudan to the UN

German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Transfer site for the German Deutsche Welle German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced on Saturday, her recognition of the State of New South Sudan, stressing Germany's support for the new state.

It also confirmed Germany's Merkel has sought to stabilize the north and south Sudan, calling on the establishment of the new state that one day special for Africa.

Merkel said, the issue of Sudan will top the list of the agenda of the Security Council, which is currently chaired by Germany.

The German chancellor stressed her country's desire to see stability between two independent states confirmed that South Sudan is the most need of support from the north to the international community as a whole.

In the same context, called Guido Vstervally German Foreign Minister and the Government of Southern Sudan to seek the new entity to build a stable state is effective as soon as possible to confirm the success of the new state.

It is worth mentioning that Vstervally will attend the Wednesday session of the Security Council in New York, which will discuss the accession of the Republic of South Sudan's new to the United Nations as the User ID 193

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