Sunday, July 10, 2011

Blatter: Mexico did well to deal with the issue of "doping"

Blatter, president of world football

Praised the Swiss Sepp, Blatter, president of the International Federation of Football, the decision of the disciplinary committee of the Mexican players acquitted the five detainees from the strength of the team who participated in the Gold Cup that was held last month in the United States, from the charge of doping. 

Blatter said in remarks reported by the agency "Reuters" news that Mexico did well to deal with this issue by refusing to punish players after falling in the dope test, as a result of eating contaminated meat containing the article "Alcleneoterol banned" by mistake. 

He added that the situation suffered by the players is one of the five cases of food poisoning, warning everyone to fall into the same error. 

The five players who are on the patent, Christian Bermudez, Javier Rodriguez, and Edgar Duenas, Antonio Naalson, and William Ochoa

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