Sunday, July 10, 2011

China supports exports to Egypt more than $ 20 billion

Revealed businessman Walid Tawfiq, Secretary of the Division of General Motors and President of IDI "" Holding and agent for 6 Chinese companies, for a plan with the Chinese government to invest in Egypt in the coming months, to acquire 70% of the volume of the commercial market in all sectors in Egypt, through support and development of Chinese exports to the face of manufacturing defects, he said, adding that the revolution has increased the appetite of Chinese to work in the market, their exports did not stop one day to Egypt during the revolution, but the investments are now directly and indirectly in Egypt more than $ 20 billion. 

The reconciliation that the supreme political leadership in China would prefer its national economy from any other things, it also has great awareness of the importance of export subsidies, unlike the situation in Egypt before and after the revolution as no different from it a lot and still export subsidies is limited and restricted conditions, stressing that the Chinese companies and the World located in the China views the Middle East and Egypt in particular as the market "Djaana" and the need for a substantial increase in exports in all sectors. 

He disclosed that the Chinese are focusing on the industries supplying the industries major private car industry where he is scheduled to enter the 10 companies new Chinese markets, but that depends on choosing the President of the Republic and the election of members of the People's Assembly and Shura Council, has ensured that these companies Egyptian agents through Ibramanm for decades, which was after the revolution directly to start the actual work within the market next year, and is seeking Chinese companies to acquire 50% of the automotive sector in Egypt as it holds now the ratio between 25% to 30% of this market with its auto parts and assembling vehicles locally and import cars from abroad. 

And trailers on the crisis, Tawfiq said that the lorries are going contrary to all international standards of safety on the roads, which cause the daily deaths in dozens of cases and the continuation of bleeding due to road accidents. 

He described the sector as "Mashi miraculously, and wonder in the streets dress trains," a proposal that involved Egyptian companies in the start of local assembly of trucks, through the establishment of a two-year and the government supported by the amount of money to protect the lives of people in the streets, pointing out that in the event of failure state, this time for assistance, many Chinese partners have offered to help the heavy transport sector to improve his condition and to increase their investments in this sector, rich and important

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