Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tokyo Electric Power Company begins the process of pumping nitrogen in the nuclear reactor number (3)

Announced that Tokyo Electric Power Company - operator of thestation Vukeshma nuclear disaster - on Thursday, they began the process of pumping nitrogen gas in the nuclear reactor number (3), to reduce the risk of Alanfjarriet hydrogen, in a move that will makefurther progress in the process of containment of the nuclear crisisthat hit Vukihima nuclear plant in March
The news agency said, "Kyodo," Japan, the Tokyo Electric Power Company completed its process of pumping inert gases in the threenuclear reactors, which earlier announced its intention to be completed by mid-July

The Tokyo Electric Power Company started working a new systemallows the distribution of water around the three nuclear reactors, in order to cool the temperature inside the reactors, nuclear fuel

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