Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Iran bars women and girls entering cafes

Iranian women who smoke shisha

Applied to the Iranian authorities, as of yesterday, a plan launched by the "moral security" in society, and the first phase of this plannecessitates the prevention of women and girls from enteringcafes.

Nia said Sagdy commander of Tehran police is to prevent the entryof girls and women in coffee shops under the ethicalimplementation of the security project.

And the relocation of "the era of Iran," said Nia, that the police will start applying moral security project in coordination with the judiciary following the request of the Iranian people, families in particular, complain some girls from entering the cafes, he said, adding that the police will address this dilemma.

In recent times, the greater the number of girls attending cafes for smoking "shisha", especially in the cities and affluent suburb, andauthorities consider that the application of such a law in order to preserve and status of women in society

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