Monday, July 11, 2011

Honor: Cabinet reshuffle next week, and the conservative movement before the end of the month

Dr. Essam Sharaf, President of the Council of Ministers

Issued, Dr. Essam Sharaf, President of the Council of Ministers, several resolutions today, from a Cabinet reshuffle in a week to achieve the goals of the revolution and reflects the true will of the people.

The honor during a statement to the people across the Egyptian television this evening, Monday, at a conservative movement in line with the aspirations of the people before the end of this month.

He also stressed the honor, he commissioned the Minister of the Interior to expedite the announcement of the movement and the Ministry of Interior, including the exclusion of the leaders of the police involved in crimes against the rebels no later than July 15, and also the rapid restoration of security and discipline in the Egyptian street, indicating his full support and confidence in the masses of the honorable leaders and police officers.

He appealed to the honor, the Supreme Council for the Elimination of the application of the principle of openness to all trials of the killers of the former regime and the rebels, that the trials are Closed for the rest of the people and assured the families of martyrs, also appealed to enable the judiciary to exercise in the circumstances of his nature to allow justice to take its course.

His honor for Reforming the press and media institutions as quickly as possible, and decided to take over the presidency of the Welfare Fund Revolution January 25 and their families, to accelerate to meet the needs of families of martyrs and injured people.

Sharaf said, that the period will witness the next few series of decisions that meet all the demands of the people and the goals of the revolution, he said

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