Friday, July 15, 2011

An explosion in Israel affects 14 people

An explosion in Israel
Israeli police said, an explosion rocked a building in the city of Netanya, north of Tel Aviv yesterday, Friday, and resulted in a fire and injuring 14 people, is the result of an accident more likely
The spokesman Mickey Rosenfeld, said the police suspected that the explosion was caused by "accident or technical problem" and not a criminal act or an attack from the militants, the Palestinians who did not carry out any attacks in the region for some time

The spokesman, said earlier that police were investigating all possibilities, including the terrorist motive

And move the location of the Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper on the Internet for a witness named Rani Kortizan saying  We heard a huge explosion and then saw flames coming from the building and a cloud of smoke

The police, the fire broke out as a result of the explosion has put out after a short time and that 14 people, mostly foreign workers were injured mild to moderate

The chief and the firefighters called Ahar Ayalon that the explosion most likely caused from contact with electric or gas leak

The resort of Netanya on the Mediterranean, home to many immigrants from the scene of gunfire and explosions in recent years, mostly blamed on rival gangs in the crime

The city was also the scene of bloody attacks at the hands of Palestinian militants, the worst in both 2002, when a suicide bomber killed dozens in a hotel during a Jewish holiday

Israel responded with bloody raids on the hideouts of the militants in the occupied West Bank areas

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