Monday, July 18, 2011

Spain calls for 71 million euros from the European Commission to compensate for the crisis option

Spanish Environment Minister Rosa Aguilar

Announced Environment Minister Rosa Aguilar Spanish toSpanish farmers demanded compensation of up to 71 million euros, to compensate for losses which have resulted in crisiscaused by the option after Germany launched a rumor that the Spanish option is the source of the spread of the deadly E. colibacteria

The location of any DNA to the Spanish that Aguilar held a meetingin the morning, Monday, in Almeria with representatives of the agriculture sector, in order to present their demands, which will bedelivered tomorrow to the European Commission

The site that the EU allocated 210 million euros of aid to all Member States who have been affected by the crisis of the option

The minister pointed out that any additional funds raised will be asked once requests for all member countries to include otherfresh produce such as watermelon, melon and stone fruits, which are also affected by the food crisis, and dropped its price

On the other hand the European Union banned imports of seedscoli from Egypt
The site that Germany will hold a meeting with Spain in September in an attempt to restore relations between them as before

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